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“Personal stories are the number one way to impact mental wellbeing.”
James Kemsley - Founder of The Informal
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The Informal James KEmsley storytelling session
The Informal storytelling group  session
The Informal storytelling group session
The Informal storytelling session
The Informal storytelling session

What's Your Narrative?

Our Group Sessions

How It Works

Our group storytelling, or 'what's your narrative’ as we like to call it, offer the opportunity to discuss and share your personal experience of an issue. Led by a professional storyteller, who provides encouragement and ease by sharing their story first, the sessions provide benefits that individual therapy may not have.

Participants will see how other people overcome a problem and learn new skills and coping methods from each other. The sessions encourage shared storytelling, revealing shared and similar emotions and experiences, which help put your own struggles into perspective.

Groups are kept small with a maximum of 10 people, to ensure everyone feels heard. All information is confidential, and there’s no pressure to share. You can join in as you wish or simply listen and learn.

What's your story?

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The Benefits

The Informal actively works to change the way we talk and support each other around mental and physical health. Here’s just a few benefits of joining our 'what's your narrative' sessions.

Find common ground with colleagues
Learn new coping skills and techniques
Understand your emotions
Improve your relationships at work and home
Reduce stress, anxiety and burnout
Create a network of understanding
Learn how to offer support to others
Education in mental and physical health topics

Build stronger teams with our group storytelling sessions

Our storytelling groups are like a good old chinwag with a mate, but with the bonus of learning and improving your mental and physical wellbeing. A shared storytelling experience, our group sessions improve communication and support, building stronger and more resilient teams.

Led by our storytellers, we help individuals find their own narrative; a process which helps them to feel less alone, validate their own feelings and share coping mechanisms with each other. Colleagues find connection, common ground and can support each other moving forward, creating a happier work culture.

Group discussions include managing burnout, stress and anxiety, finding a work life balance, improving mental and physical health, fertility and menopause. We can help you decide which group is best for you.