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“Personal stories are the number one way to impact mental wellbeing.”
James Kemsley - Founder of The Informal
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The Informal Spekers talking
The Informal Spekers talking

The Formals

Learn from the very best in the industry

We work with leading professionals to provide further support around our stories

Though personal story is the number one way to improve mental and physical health, we understand that on occasion further support is needed. And you bet we've got you covered! It's human nature to want to know more so we have a panel of leading professionals available to hire to further support all the topics mentioned in our real-life stories.

Ideal for employees to take the next step in their wellbeing progress and for HR and management to learn more about mental and physical wellbeing subjects, we have educational talks and hands-on workshops available to suit all size organisations and industries.

Understand the latest in health and safety law from a leading barrister or get to grips with men's mental health with a talk by a renowned Harley Street doctor. Reduce workplace injury and absence with a movement workshop, fitness masterclass or therapy role play session. We'll help you choose the right speaker for your team.

The Informal Speker Dr Khan
Dr Khan
The Informal Speker Ian Daniels
Ian Daniels
The Informal Speker Ally
The Informal Speker Duncan
The Informal Speker Lohani

The Formal Speakers

A group of renowned and highly sought-after professionals in their field, the Formal Speakers provide further support for employees and/or management on specialist subjects. Don’t worry, they won’t bore you with stats, our speakers keep things relaxed and personable too with their memorable and engaging talks, workshops, masterclasses and Q&A sessions.

Learn more about all the topics discussed in our personal stories

Stress, anxiety and burnout
Fertility and IVF
Miscarriage and baby loss
Men's mental health
Movement and fitness
Understanding therapy
Health and safety law
Relationships and communication
Grief and bereavement