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“Personal stories are the number one way to impact mental wellbeing.”
James Kemsley - Founder of The Informal
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How It Works

Our storytellers have experienced the worst, survived, adapted, grown and sought the help they needed – now they teach others to do the same!

We understand it’s not easy to share personal problems. We’ve been there too. Not everyone feels comfortable talking to therapists or counsellors. The Informal brings realism to the world of mental and physical wellbeing. Sharing real-life stories engages and inspires individuals to overcome their own problems and navigate difficulties, helping them learn, improve, and become accountable for their own thoughts and actions. Our stories are the middle ground; the moment beyond awareness days and the point before psychological support is needed at a higher cost.

This is honest, uncensored storytelling with the purpose and power for change.

Our Approach

We aim to challenge the perception of wellbeing and create a new ethos of support through real-life stories. We address the lack of support for the average person. We understand therapy, coaching and positive mindset isn’t for everyone. Let’s face it we can’t all be positive 24 hours a day – that’s real life!

Within our stories there are little gems that are relatable and pave a new way of thinking. Story is the transferring of knowledge; live the experience through our storytellers to make the changes you need.

Built on the foundations of ‘what if’, our stories are relatable and cut through personal boundaries. There’s no triggering terminology, holistic empowerment or trendy lingo, this is real conversation.

Simple ideas can change the way we look at the world

We know that traditional approaches to workplace wellbeing can often feel dry and disconnected from the day-to-day reality of working life. That's why we use real life story and personal experience to bring wellbeing to life and make it relevant and relatable for everyone.

Storytelling is like a mgaic wand for the mind. It's the secret weapon for building empathy, resilience and understanding. Our stories are a cup of tea for the soul. Think about it, when you hear someone's story, you can't help but put yourself in their shoes. Our storytelling sessions do exactly that! Our inspiring stories are designed to bring attention to the struggles we all face. We use stories of tragedy to truimph to capture attention, build confidence and see challenges from a new perspective. Listening to another person's experience offers security, helps us feel less alone and encourages us to validate our own feelings.

We provide organisations with aspirational storytellers to inspire individuals, relieve stress, improve circumstances and change behaviours. Stories of hardship, performance and progression are delivered with passion to reach the heart and minds of those listening. Our stories educate an audience in understanding their own mental and physical health, helping them to take accountability and make a change without fear or judgement in their own time.

It's the stories of people like me and you that can make a true difference. Not celebrities, CEOs or influencers butregular, hard grafting people who juggle work, life and family while facing challenging times. Our storytellers are real heroes.